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Magnetic and appropriate products with the aim of using magnets in everyday life, and, consequently, improving the health and general condition of the body, is a major challenge for us in BOBEX. We offer products in this group, there are magnetic chairs, magnetic trays, etc. We are trying and we will try to improve your health through the improvement of existing and design of new products.

Kitchen gadgets

Genius is what is easy. Electrical appliances destroy vegetable fibers and complicated for installation, dismantling, storage and laundry. Do not use electrical appliances more easy to work with Bobex products for your kitchen. Prepare healthy and delicious food for all ages. In the group of kitchen products is a large selection of other products mainly made of plastic, which its application in the kitchen.


Orion filter

The purest and healthiest water, which is available eat mind tap water filtered Orion Filter. So with our water filter becomes alive, active and healthy water, increased pH, not more acidic base, which is a necessary condition for human health. The uniqueness of this product is that so far has solved an unsolvable problem of contamination of all previous methods applied filtration of drinking water.